My (Waste Of) Space

Ok, took the plunge and finally set up one of those My Space pages. You can now direct your spammers to this url:

Beats me what I'll do with this thing, or if I'll even check it. I do know that about two seconds after I set it up some wanker was already spamming me to buy something, or to promote some crap he's doing. My blog will still stay here though, so either don't fret, or worry a lot. Personally I think it's a huge exercise in wank, but it seems that it's the way to go these days. I expect now that the site will sell my email (no matter what a site says it's going to do, with that many email addresses you know they're selling them) and I'll get even more invites to have a bigger penis and win more lotteries. Oh rapturous joy!


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