Damn! I Wish I Was Your Lover!

Damn! Hold onto yourselves gals and guys! It's the now legendary lady killer DeKlerq in all his glory. This is one of the few times ole Klerqy has sat still long enough for me to get some shots off, here's how he looks first thing in the morning. Hell, here's how he looks all day and most of the night, with his fat, hairy gut hanging out (at times he looks like he has the feline equivalent of man boobies). Girls, he's available, if you like your cats with silky smooth fur, manic looks, a lot of sharp claw action, paws the size of baseball mits, a yowl that really sounds like the word 'Yowl!' and a large, fat cat beer gut, then make a date.

Mind you, don't make it a dinner date. This pig of a cat never stops eating. DeKlerq, a cat so handsome in his own pointy headed manner that his name shall forevermore be in bold type.


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