More Original Art Stories: Defiant's Good Guys

The Good Guys #1, by Defiant. What's the story behind this issue? Read this post by Charles Yoakum and you'll find out. Very interesting stuff, revolving around page #8, which, if you read it right, you'll discover no longer exists.

I'll freely admit that I never got into Defiant's comic book line, despite it boasting the talents of David Lapham, Alan Weiss, Alan Kupperberg, Mike Barr, Steve Ditko, Jim Fern, Steve Leialoha, Bob Wiacek, Chris Claremont and a host of others. Perhaps I should track a few down and actually visit that little universe. In the meantime read about art that wasn't what it appeared to be.


you DIDN'T dig this up... uh, I guess you did.

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