Midnight Oil: Diesel & Dust Revisted

It was an interesting weekend to say the least as we visited the Burra region, Terowie and the Claire Valley. Loads of photos were taken as we tried out the new 10 megapixel digital camera and much information gathered - including a startling revelation about a town that will change the whole focus of my upcoming article. I didn't get as many photos of ruins as I'd have liked to, but I did get some great shots of ruins that I'd not previously visited. Over the next few days I'll post some of the more interesting locations and buildings.

One ruin I love coming back to, ever since I first found it, is the famous Midnight Oil house. You can see it on the cover to the album Diesel And Dust, and amazingly enough the house still stands and is in decent condition. There is a barrier fence around this one which means that it's impossible to get the same angle as the original photo (although I could PhotoShop it if need be) but it's still impressive as it is. I like it and it's a very powerful looking house. Thank God for zoom lenses though, but one day I'll get permission and sneak in and grab a shot in the same position just to show how it's changed. For now you can appreciate what 20 years of wear and tear can do to a place.


Anonymous said…
You'd be interested in this pic then

its of the same hut.
Danny said…
Almost the same angle too. I should run mine through a few filters, brighten it up and change the background and whack a frame around it.

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