Hidden 'Gems' On My MP3 Player: #4 - Lene Lovich



Oh dear. Oh Lord, save us all!! Yet another Stiff on show. Originally a B-Side to the mail-order only single I Think We're Alone Now (just imagine Debbie Gibson looking like that!!), this song was recorded in a variety of languages with a Japanese version being just mind blowing. The video for this used to give me nightmares, but at least Lene wasn't as freakish as say Nina Hagen, whose appearance would be enough to turn a man, if you get my drift.

In her defence, and in defence of the song...it's a quirky little number, highly infectious (much like say Ebola), boppy and easy to dance to. The high pitched squeals get me every time and more than once I've burst a blood vessel in my throat trying to do them right. God love Lene, she had to contend with the likes of Hazell O'Conner (Eight Day was a stunner and a future Hidden Gems, but let's face it, she was a one hit wonder) and Toyah, who also had a freakish appearance. Poor Lene never quite broke the market but she did leave us with one brilliant pop song and that's more than a lot of other people can claim.

Lene also had the one saving grace that allows me to watch and enjoy her videos with any girl I've ever known - her hair. You see it appears that girls love her hair. On small islands great nations are born...


Anonymous said…
Any chance you could define "cheese"? It's a somewhat pejorative term I've heard before without quite understanding what it menas...especially in the case of all the tracks you've featured so far - great songs performed well, what could the problem with them be to deserve such a description?
Danny said…
I look at the cheese factor as being how I'd rate the video itself now - not the song - in terms of fun and kitsch. If you look at say Jona Lewie's Louise then you can't help but laugh - it's just a fun video yet it's highly cheesy. It's got nothing to do with the merits of the actual music. All of these tunes are gems to me, I have them on the MP3 player and I listen to them pretty much every time I go for an extended walk...

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