Hidden 'Gems' On My MP3 Player: #3 - Jona Lewie



Just for the heck of it, because I like it, here's the huge non-hit, Louise, just to remind some of you what it sounded like back then, complete with syndrums and over produced keyboards. This video is a hoot - roller skating, dodgy New Wave big haircuts, synth solos and as a dancer Jona makes Bruce Springsteen look like Fred Astaire. All I need now is to post Stop The Cavalry and you'd have Jona Lewie's greatest hits, although this only reached number two here in Australia and amazingly enough it did top the charts in South Africa. No word on if Jona toured there though.

Why do we like it? Because it's Jona. This single was also released as a 10" single (I still have my original copy somewhere, I think) and the remix wasn't too bad, but the album it came from, Heart Skips A Beat, looked as suspect as they come with it's cover showing an overly happy Jona on the front cover (mind you he looks like he'd taken a large dose of Eccys for the Louise video as well - he looks too happy). Again we forgive it because the first pressings of the album had Kitchen At Parties along with Louise on it and also Stop The Cavalry. There you go - Jona's Greatest Hits, with bonus tracks.


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