Road Trip: Days Seven & Eight

Done and done-er (if that is indeed a word). The past two days have seen us doing almost nothing - Friday was a quick trip out to Woodford to discover that prices in a decent second hand shop have gone up so much it's incredible - what used to be $5.00 is now $65.00!! Bought two things there and then came back to the cactus.

Yesterday was a different kettle of Cod. We started out early and went to Emundi - anyone who's been here will know what that means. Bought several decent items, including two wooden rubber band guns and a high powered slingshot. Now when the bastard next door acts up he might find himself ducking from the ball bearings. Then off to Noosa where photos were taken and text messaged through to people resulting in replies ranging from, "Piss off - am in Melbourne" to "Nice to see you're doing it tough" and ending up in a simple "Get f&cked" from the oldest brother. Poor bastard, he doesn't like it when I have a better time than he does.

Totally shagged out and am about to jump on a plane and head back home where bad weather, a wailing cat and the kidlets await. Am now thinking strongly about moving....

Photos to follow. Yeah, yeah, I know, I keep saying it, but this time I will do it. So now fire them emails down,. I'll be able to answer them and deal with the things that come along.


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