Norm Breyfogle & Amy Winehouse

This is the last painting in a series of four by Norm Breyfogle, done for Mojo magazine.

I know absolutely nothing about Amy Winehouse. My mother likes her and that's about it, but then my mother also likes Elvis, so work that out. I've had a look at her photos on the net and funnily enough Norm appears to have captured the right feel for her, going on the photo reference. Bizarre! I'm curious to know just how tall Winehouse is.

The Winehouse painting pays homage to the 1958 science fiction film, Attack Of The 50ft Woman, a movie I've not seen in decades (I've always wondered, if you were a 50ft tall woman, would you be wearing a short skirt or long pants, shorts at least? Ummmm, anyone and everyone would be able to see up that skirt from that angle). With this image Norm has transplanted the 50ft Woman from the USA and placed her squarely in London, England. I particularly like Big Ben replacing the car in the original.

As with the Arctic Monkeys preliminary, this sketch shows that not much was changed between the initial concept and the final painting, with the facial expression being the most obvious alteration. It's an interesting piece of art, and I do like it a lot, but I don't think it's the strongest in the series - feel free to correct me if I'm wrong though.


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