"Finished Wit Mah Woman 'Coz She Couldn't Help Me Wit Mah Mind"

This one is for the other half and her brother (who is far too good to lower himself to reading my blog). For some odd reason they really, really like Black Sabbath. Me? I don't mind them but more often than not I think that all their songs sound the same, although 'Changes' (along with Paranoid) is apparently a damn good song to commit suicide to, or so some US courts would leave us to believe along with certain parents of teenagers who are looking for someone to shift blame and guilt upon.

Still, if anyone's been to a Sabbath concert then tell me - what was it like? And I mean a proper Sabbath concert, not one with Dio, Glenn Hughes, or God forbid, Ian Gillian as the lead singer. I'm talking about Ozzy!


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