Expert Opinion, Bullshit

This appeared on the front cover of yesterday's Sunday Mail. McDermott is former Adelaide Crows captain Chris McDermott considers himself to be somewhat of a voice of informed opinion. Much like some tabloid journos running about he'll state his views and then demand that people give him evidence as to why he's wrong.

Here's your proof to the right Chris ole that! And while one win doesn't a season make, consider this: before this game the Bulldogs were being mooted as Victoria's best chance for a premiership this season and we played them at the home of the Grand Final, the MCG, so you do the math. Mind you we did let the Doggies back into the game with two easy goals in the last quarter, but there you go.

Mind you the Official Port Adelaide Club Historian did the write up on the Crows result today, so don't expect any praise at all. He'd probably be too busy tugging himself silly over Port's second win in a row. One day Rucci might lose his bias, but don't expect that to happen anytime soon - hey Rucci, when you're slamming the Crows players for what you perceive as being 'inappropriate' behaviour, remind us again why you didn't cover the rape allegation and subsequent hush up involving a current Port premiership player and a former Port player, and have barely touched on the two assault charges against another? McDermott can be bad, but Rucci is a joke.

Sorry Charlie...told you we'd win!


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