Eisner Awards 2007

Colour me happy - it appears that Ross Andru & Mike Esposito are in line for the Hall Of Fame award for this years Eisners.

The Hall Of Fame nominees read as follows:
Hall of Fame Judges’ Choices:
Robert Kanigher and Ogden Whitney
Voters will choose four from among:
Ross Andru & Mike Esposito
Dick Ayers
Bernard Baily
Matt Baker
Wayne Boring
Creig Flessel
Harold Gray
Irwin Hasen
Graham Ingels
Joe Orlando
Lily Renée (Peters) Phillips
Bob Powell
Gilbert Shelton
Cliff Sterrett

You'd be able to make an argument for any of those on that list, but for my blood it's long overdue that Andru & Esposito get the nod. That the pair were the first comic book artists to break away to form their own company (not just once, but thrice!) speaks volumes for their insight and pioneering way. All of the nominees have their merit (indeed if they didn't they'd not be there) but this time it should be A&E all the way. Mind you if you want more of an argument about them then sure, there's plenty I can direct you towards, such as here, here and even here.

When you get your ballots vote for Andru & Esposito.


--steve cohen said…
I'd go for A&E as Mike Esposito would be really gratified to receive the honor.
Posthumously, well, that's nice, but give it to them while Mike can enjoy it.
I'd go for Wayne Boring also.

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