Monday, April 30, 2007

Artie Saaf: 1921 - 2007

I heard word about artist Artie Saaf's passing last week in the form of a message that his son, Steve, posted on a mailing list that I frequent. Sadly I have to admit to being somewhat ignorant of Artie, something that I aim to remedy in the near future. In the meantime Mark Evanier has written an obituary about Artie that says far more than most people could. You can see a list of what Artie did do on Jerry Bail's Who's Who site.

it's always sad when one of the pioneers of comic book art passes away, and in this case it's no exception. My thoughts go out to Artie's family and hopefully we can post something with a bit more detail in the coming weeks.

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Anonymous said...

My thanks for this posting about my dad, Art Saaf, is way overdue, I know. Please accept my apology.

Steve Saaf
BTW, Ron Goulart is writing an article about Artie.