The Trip: Day Two

What a contrast in weather! Yesterday we were driving through extreme heat and duststorms, today we left Ballarat with freezing cold and heavy rain. Go figure. Again, due to the weather we didn't manage to get any photos. Bugger!

Had a good run into Melbourne itself - just over an hour due to the traffic and we went straight to Camberwell to go shopping. Got a few books but not much else. Headed back to the hotel, chilled for an hour and then back to Camberwell where we caught up with Kevin Patrick for a four hour coffee session in which we covered pretty much every topic under the sun, from our adventures in TV land to scurrilous gossip about people we know (and don't) and assorted comic book related material. Loads of fun. Checked my email and found a lovely message from Dewey Cassell about the Andru & Esposito book, giving me a lot of praise. That stuff makes my day.

Back at the hotel now and ready to flake out. Thankfully daylight savings ends today so we get an extra hour of rest - oh heavenly joy! Tomorrow will be a big day and we're ready for it!


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