Nexus Special 2007


Rude Dude Productions announced Nexus Special for Free Comic Book Day a success.

Pheonix, AZ – March 8, 2007 – Rude Dude Productions announced today that their sales for Free Comic Book Day Nexus are inline with IDW and Image books, which is a significant benchmark for the new company.

Rude Dude also reminded retailers that they still have until March 15th to order the award winning book. The new Nexus mini-series will premiere in July and the Free Comic Book Day issue is a great introduction for new readers.

Free Comicbook Day promotional posters will be sent to the top 1,000 retail orders, the top 10 retail orders will receive goodie baskets that will include cookies (both homemade and girlscout), free comic book day promotional items, Steve Rude books and prints.

As an addition to the above and as a thank you for the orders, any retailer with an order over 500 copies will receive a piece of original art!

Nexus: Space Opera, Act 1 due out in July can be previewed on Comic Space.


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