Marshall Rogers 1950 - 2007

This is a sad day indeed.

Marshall Rogers' rendition of Batman is up there in my top five, if not my top two. I grew up here reading Marshall's Batman (reprints in glorious black and white) and his art was amongst the first to absolutely blow me away with the detail and the cleanness of line work. Marshall Rogers and inker Terry Austin were one of those all too few perfect art teams and as I once told Terry himself, I've always thought that the art of Rogers and Austin was head and shoulders above anything else - including Byrne and Austin. If Marshall and Terry had drawn the X-Men back in the day then John Byrne would be remembered as being an above average artist. It's easy to spot Rogers influence in artists these days and I'd hazard a guess and say that he was just as influential on the generation of arists that followed him as Neal Adams was on the generation before.

Marshall was one of the few artists who's name along could sell a book to me. It didn't matter who wrote it, or the quality of the writing, reproduction, characters - if Marshall was drawing it then I knew instantly that it was going to be worth reading or at the least looking at.

Marshall Rogers was a true artist. He will be missed.


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