Leave It Out

Well we're almost ready for our semi-regular road trip - this time it's our bi-annual Melbourne run. So far the idea is to leave Friday morning, drive over and just shop and take it easy, kick back and recharge. The only commitment we have is to go to the Camberwell Fair on the Sunday where we'll have several boxes of comics - three long boxes of cheap stuff, a magazine box filled to the gills with magazines, books and more, plus boxes of great Marvel & DC mainstream titles (think X-Men and Silver Age DC) for about $5 per issue, five boxes of trade paperbacks and graphic novels for cover price or less and much, much more. This should be a good fair.

I'm taking the laptop over with us so I'll have my email up and running, and I'll try and post a daily report when we stop in the evenings, depending on how shagged out we are. Plus I'm quite looking forward to Saturday when I'll be catching up with several pals and shopping the Camberwell district - love those bookstores!!

So if you're at the Camberwell fair on this coming Sunday pop by and say hello. Get me in a good mood and I might even tell you about the top secret hush-hush projects I'm working on...


shishyboo said…
top secret hush hush projects... that's just teasing

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