Say It Ain't So, I Want Mah VoVo

Well colour me stunned!!! Just last week I discovered that Iced VoVos were selling for a measly $1 per packet, well down from the usual $2.50+. So, here I am, buying up all the VoVos I could afford and BANG!! they're gone! And even worse - in their place is a sign saying, 'Discontinued'. How could this happen? It's not like it's a horrid little biscuit, like Ginger Snaps (they're bloody foul), a VoVo is an almost perfect tasty treat - biscuit base, jam (not bloody jelly - it's JAM, you idiot*. You're in Australia now. And while I'm at it which cretin renamed Peanut Paste Peanut Butter? And Lemon Spread is now Lemon Butter? Give me a freaking break!) and piles of coconut. You can always tell when someone has eaten a packet of VovVos - they're sleepy, content and covered in coconut residue.

SAY IT AIN'T SO, JOE!!! If Arnotts have canceled the manufacture of Iced VoVos then it'll be time for a palace revolution. Rise up, people of Australia, and march upon this foreign owned company and DEMAND your VoVo. NOW!

Bloody John Howard. If he stands by and watches the demise of the VoVo without acting then I'll show him a weapon of mass destruction.

Mind you I could be wrong, Coles may have run out of VoVos, but I seriously doubt it.



* Ask someone in Australia for a 'peanut butter and jelly' sandwich and they're likely to box your ears for being disgusting. Mind you I'd be happy to make you one - tell me what flavour jelly do you want. It'd be hard putting a tasty wobbly dessert onto a slice of bread, but hey - if that's what rocks your world, go your hardest.


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