More 'Lost' Phantoms

As is always the way, shortly after I posted my original article Norm Breyfogle contacted me to to tell me that he'd just found his original pencils and preliminaries. So, without any further comment from myself, sit back and enjoy some great 'lost' Phantom art!

I've collected all the images into this one posting. The first image in any pairing is the thumbnail preliminary sketch, the second image is Norm's final pencil drawing. As King Features have kept the original art these images only exist in scanned form for now. Hopefully KFS might one day relent and use this art in some form.

From here onwards Norm didn't do any finished pencils, so these images only exist in thumbnail/preliminary form. They're still damn impressive.


Rick said…
How does one get to ink some of these?!?!?
Or are you looking for Marvel/DC inkers only to do this one?


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