Merry Christmas

One of the distinct advantages of living in Australia, we get Christmas a day earlier than most other places. Still, as Roy Thomas just pointed out to me, he gets to celebrate it for a bit longer.

And it's a beautiful day here today - the sun is finally shining and all is well. That Claus guy has clearly been but, just like when I was a kid, I have to wait for the others to wake up, although I can see that Merlin (the legendary cat) has sniffed about the pressies, obviously trying to scope out if he's gotten any catnip this year. The joke is on him, the nip is mine!

Have a safe and merry Christmas people...for one day of the year hopefully everyone everywhere can all put differences aside and just be of good will. May all our wishes be granted in 2007 and may the disappointments and sorrow of 2006 vanish with the last drink on December 31st.

A new year is coming and a new beginning for one and all!!!


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