First Annual Fantastic Festive BBQ

So here's the official invite to our first Fantastic Festive Feast/BBQ. That took me about five minutes to whip up in PhotoShop. You might need to click on it to appreciate the detail. I've sent it out to the people we wanna invite - but hey, feel free to ask and I'll think about it. Nut cases not rquired as we'll have a fairly good compliment of crazy bastards on site.

Funnily enough that's about all I can do today, oh, that and watch the cricket. Somehow I've managed to injure my shoulder and it's making writing a pain that's intolerable. No transcribing for me for the duration, which is a pain in itself because the amount of tapes I have here to catch up on is starting to depress me.


shishyboo said…
You didn't say when this event was to be held...
Not that I could make it even if I had been cordially invited but I would like to hear about the fun and games afterwards
Danny said…
Yeah, well that was deliberate because...nah, seriously - I am an idiot at times.

Well spotted. I've added the date - 23rd of December - and send the bugger out again.


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