31st December, 2006: Part II - The Room

We're all checked in now and here's some photos of both the room, the upstairs of it and the views, of course. The views here are second to none really. Looking out the window I'm reminded as to why I love this city and the entire state - it's just too bloody picturesque.

We're at the Sebel Playford Adelaide. Located on North Terrace is used to have other names, the Radisson is what most people would know it as. Otherwise who knows and who cares? We've got what's called the 'Loft Suite', a charming split level place. Decent enough really...but then you expect that from a 5 star dump. Now it's time to settle in, kick back and just chill before people arrive to do the Keith Moon. Luckily for all concerned there's some PayTV music channel going with all kinds of funky sounds from the '70s and '80s.

Life is good...roll on 2007!


Anonymous said…
Maybe the staff were Bob Dylan fans getting their own back after yur behaviour at the concert.

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