The Mighty World Of Marvel: The Artists

Well that's been a lot of fun. Just so people know I've updated the individual posts with the artists that people have spotted. In the case of Dick Ayers, he's done his own spotting and has confirmed his work. So far it's been established that a lot of those early covers were done by Jim Starlin, with a variety of inkers. I know that Frank Giacoia and Mike Esposito did a lot of the inking over the years for the UK editions, and now it appears that Joe Sinnott did more than his fair share of the work as well. Slowly it'll all be unravelled.

For those who like this stuff Nigel Kitching has posted the first ten Mighty World Of Marvel covers for people to see. There's some great stuff in there and I'm as jealous as hell that Nigel has those first ten covers, let alone on display. Go there, now, and have a look - you'll love it.

Go back, re-read and enjoy!!!


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