More Newtons: Sub-Mariner

Sub-Mariner was yet another of the short lived Newton titles. Two issues in total were released, a regular issue and a one-shot. The title had been promised for a few months leading up to it's eventual release however the implosion soon left the title stranded on it's first issue. These two books aren't that easy to track down, but thanks to the efforts of a few people (Robert Thomas, Peter Ivan and Spiros Xenos) I now have the full details (barring one story I wasn't able to identify) for the special. Indeed both Robert and Peter have been very helpful and have sent down details and scans of Newtons I hadn't yet documented, so by the end of this coming week every Newton issued should be scanned and up on this site.


Date: March 1976 (cover dated)

The Start Of The Quest by Stan Lee, Gene Colan & Vince Colletta (Tales To Astonish #70)
Escape To Nowhere by Stan Lee, Gene Colan & Vince Colletta (Tales To Astonish #71)

By this stage in Newton's publishing life the emphasis was on issuing one-shot comics and giant sized digests, not an on-going series. Still this issue did manage to creep out. Of interest is that the splash page for the first story - it's the now infamous 'two right hand' images and is credited to Gene Colan. The splash for the second story uses Colan's pen-name Adam Austin.

The poster was of The Avengers.


Date: mid to late 1976

To the Death! by Stan Lee, Gene Colan & Dick Ayers (Tales To Astonish #80)
The Challenge of Loki! by Stan Lee, Steve Ditko & George Bell (Strange Tales #123)
When a Monarch Goes Mad! by Stan Lee, Gene Colan & Dick Ayers (Tales To Astonish #81)
The Lady From Nowhere by Stan Lee, Steve Ditko & George Bell (Strange Tales #124)
Enter the Golden Avenger! (When Falls The Mighty) by Stan Lee, Gene Colan & Gary Michaels (Tales Of Suspense #80)
Mordo Must Not Catch Me! by Stan Lee, Steve Ditko & George Bell (Strange Tales #125)
The Power of Iron Man! by Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Jack Kirby, Gene Colan & Dick Ayers (Tales To Astonish #82)
The Domain of the Dread Dormammu! by Stan Lee & Steve Ditko (Strange Tales #126)
The Sub-Mariner Strikes! by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby & Dick Ayers (Tales To Astonish #83)
Target Earth (details unknown)

Here's some of Peter Ivan's notes on this book:
This issue is an odd one. Not only does it not have any credits in any story, but the opening splashes appear to have been doctored with amateurish lettering to hide the fact. Sub-Mariner and Dr Strange stories alternate throughout. (In regards to) 'The Sub-Mariner Strikes!' - the splash on this looks totally doctored, including artwork and title.
Can't wait to finally track a copy down for myself and have a good look. The cover is poorly coloured, even for a Newton, and the layout isn't the best and overall the book has the busy feel of something thrown together at the last minute, which, for a Newton, is likely to have been the case. The book didn't come with any posters or other give-aways.

There was a good number of Tales Of Suspense and Tales To Astonish stories published in various Newtons. The books themselves give an indication of what stories they reprinted (ie: The Incredible Hulk reprinted Hulk, Avengers reprinted Iron Man, Captain America reprinted Captain America etc etc).


ORIGINS OF GREAT MARVEL COMIC HEROES: reprinted Tales Of Suspense #39
SUPER HERO SWAP CARD ALBUM: reprinted Tales Of Suspense #39
AVENGERS: reprinted Tales Of Suspense #42; 43; 47; 59; 63; 65; 66
AVENGERS ANNUAL: reprinted Tales Of Suspense #60; 64
CAPTAIN AMERICA: reprinted Tales Of Suspense #63
CAPTAIN AMERICA ANNUAL: reprinted Tales Of Suspense #62; 65; 66; 67; 68; 69; 70; 71; 77
X-MEN SPECIAL: reprinted Tales Of Suspense #72; 73; 74;
GIANT TEAM-UP ANNUAL: reprinted Tales of Suspense #78
SUB-MARINER SPECIAL: reprinted Tales Of Suspense #80


GIANT MAN DR STRANGE: reprinted Tales To Astonish #53; 54; 55
INCREDIBLE HULK: reprinted Tales To Astonish #59; 60; 61; 62; 63; ;64
AVENGERS: reprinted Tales To Astonish #62
SUB-MARINER: reprinted Tales To Astonish #70; 71
NEWTON SPECTACULAR: reprinted Tales To Astonish #74; 75
SUB-MARINER SPECIAL: reprinted Tales To Astonish #80; 81; 82; 83


Scott Rowland said…
The Newton X-Men 5 reprinting issues 9 and 11, but omitting 10 may mean that they were working with the materials prepared for Marvel X-Men Annual 1, which did the same. (X-Men 10, the first appearance of Ka-Zar, was reprinted in Ka-Zar volume 1, number 1).

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