Two Tims

Sadly Tim Hildebrandt has passed away. I was always a fan of the Hildebrandt brothers and their fantasy artwork and it's a sad day indeed for lovers of fine art. Greg and Tim brought a totally unique style to their work, their painting was superb and they had a synchronicity that only twins seem to share. Tim will indeed be missed by all.

On another note, Tim Cahill!!! What can you say? Despite the referee attempting to win last nights game for Japan by allowing a foul to be registered as a goal - thankfully said ref has come out, apologised and admitted he was wrong - the mighty Cahill got through the Japanese defence not once, but twice! Add to that a brilliant goal by Adelaide boy John Aloisi and you can see why all of Australia is both happy and tired today. Many predicted that we'd bow out of the World Cup in straight sets, without scoring, I've always said that we were a damn good chance to progress to the second round. All we have to do now is win against either Croatia or Brazil.

To all who remember Aloisi's semi-naked run after scoring the winning penalty in November to place us into the World Cup: imagine what'll happen if we make the finals? More of this I suspect... and it'll be excellent!


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