Second Hand Vehicle

Wanna buy a car? Believe it or not but you can actually own the Batmobile as featured in the movie Batman Forever. Why on earth you'd want the lump of crap is beyond me - you can't drive it anywhere and you'd not really be able to do anything with it other than place it in a traveling show and see if you can't make some cash that way.

Yet someone will fork out good money for it. Some people have more dollars than sense. If you're seriously thinking of bidding for this classic pile of rust, then reconsider and contact me. I'm still trying to raise some funds to get to the USA. My theory is if you have enough money to burn to buy the Batmobile then I can use some of that scratch.


Tim said…
My personal favorite Batmobile is the '60's TV show one, but the new one in Batman begins is also really cool!

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