More Mooney

The great thing about an announcement is that you always get people wanting to come on board. In this case I'm more than happy to announce that the great Michael T Gilbert (he of Mr Monster fame) will also be providing a previously unpublished (and also unseen) collaboration between himself and Jim Mooney. Michael is a class act and a top draw artist, and having climb on is a coup.

So far the artists who've inked/finished various artwork of Jims include: Norm Breyfogle (beautiful Batman image), Mark McKenna, Bob Almond, Richard Howell, Joe Sinnott, Michael Netzer and Jim Tournas. I'm speaking to some more fine artists, so, as always, watch this space for further updates. In the meantime pop by those artists web-sites, have a look around and order some art - you won't regret it!


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