Here's your first peek at the cover art for the Jim Mooney biography. Titled "GENTLEMAN JIM MOONEY" the book has been picked up by TwoMorrows and given a publication date of early 2007.

Featuring a comprehensive overview of Jim's life and career, the book will surprise many. Discover just how Jim grew up with his own island. Find the connections between Jim and Bob Dylan and Clark Gable. See how Jim features in a night-club brawl with Errol Flynn. And then there's the comic books! The Legion of Superheroes. Supergirl. Spider-Man. Batman. Superman. Dial H For Hero. Son Of Satan. Man-Thing, Omega The Unknown and a cast of literally thousands.

Peppered with remembrances from some of Jim's closest friends and co-workers, the book is a must for anyone who wants to know more about the man. Read all new material from Tony Isabella, Fred Hembeck, Steve Gerber, Gene Colan, Richard Howell, Mark Ellis, Bill Schelly, Roy Thomas, Joe Sinnott and more, a comprehensive checklist, plus previously unpublished art from the collection of Jim Mooney and all new, unseen collaborations featuring original Jim Mooney art inked by Norm Breyfogle, Bob Almond, Mark McKenna, Jim Tournas, Richard Howell, Joe Sinnott, Michael Netzer and more.

All this and an introduction from Stan 'The Man' Lee himself! Watch this space for further news and updates.


Ray said…
Love it !Can't wait to hear and see more! Jim is a great guy,too! Best wishes, Ray Falcoa- USA.
Kasra said…
Congrats to you, Daniel! I'll be buying a copy, and can't wait to read it. All the best, Kasra
Scott Rowland said…

Looking forward to it!

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