Don't Call Me A Geek

Until you've seen these priceless wonders. Each to their own I guess. It's an early day for me due to a paint explosion at the day job yesterday, which saw all kinds of toxic fumes entering via the air-conditioning ducts. 2/3 of the staff fled the premises, the rest of us stayed put. As I'm off to Melbourne/Camberwell tomorrow I thought it'd be prudent to hang around and then leave early today. Guess that worked a little too well as the fumes hit me this morning and tore out my throat and left me with the headache from hell. Still I left earlier than usual, came home, rested and got the crap out of the store room for the fair. All's good.

Now all I have to do is burn some CDs of MP3s to take with us - time for some serious '80s retro. I do this in order to see what the other half's breaking point is when it comes to such music. So far it's an impressive breaking point, but I have reached it on more than one occassion...this promises to be fun. Almost any theme song from any crappy '80s flick will do it, especially anything from Top Gun...JOY!


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