Buy A Colour TV Already!

I love this stuff. Most people don't know but I collect old theatre programmes from various South Australian theatre productions. In this way I've collected a pile of Shakespeare programmes, all of the Katharine Hepburns, the Vivien Leighs, etc etc. One of the appeals (for me anyway) are the various ads you find in the programmes and on the rear.

Advertisements offer us a window to the past, to times when life was a lot simpler, easier and offered more freedom. This ad is a classic example: The Canberra TV Colour Club.

The concept was simple - you'd open a savings account with the (now long gone) CBC Savings Bank, they'd send you a book and each week you'd deposit cash into the account with the aim being a colour TV. Kind of like the Christmas Clubs that people still use. This ad dates from 1972, colour TV wasn't introduced here in Australia until 1975, so you had a good three years to save the biscuits for the idiot box, where you'd be able to watch shows like Matlock, Divisin Four, Number 96 and Homicide in full blown colour.

Except that they were filmed in black and white. Can't win them all I guess.

What I want to know is this: how many people actually took up the offer of the Canberra TV Colour Club? At 7 1/2% interest, well that was a damn good deal for the time.


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