Bob McLeod: Superhero ABC

Long, long drive today - from Horsham back to Adelaide, around 500kms all up. Horsham is noted for, well, not many things really. It's a good halfway spot, I broke down there once back in the early '90s on my way to Melbourne and Mark Twain said it best when he stated that; "Horsham sits in a plain which is as level as a floor". Still it has a decent set of motels and we always stay in one with Foxtel. We left at the ungodly hour of 8am and were back here at home by 1pm. Decent run and we missed the bad weather. However I did return to find over 650 emails waiting for me to read. I gave up eventually and just mass deleted them, figuring that people would re-email me soon enough. Hence if you're reading this and I didn't reply to an email then send it back down and I'll get to it eventually.

One of the emails that I did get that I was waiting for was from Bob McLeod. I've always been a huge fan of Bob's from his early days at Marvel and right through to his days at DC and beyond. Bob is a class act all the way down the line and a great guy to speak to. If Bob says he's going to do something then you can put bank on it. He's drawn virtually every character at both Marvel and DC and a few others for good measure. Oh, and he co-created a book titled 'The New Mutants'. Perhaps you heard of it? If you were reading any of the X-Men titles back in the '80s then you'd have seen it and if you read X-Force, well that was the book that was formerly The New Mutants. So it gave me great joy to read his email saying that he's on board the Jim Mooney book and will be inking a piece (I ain't going to say which one) for the end product.

So what else has Bob been up to? Well he's created a brilliant little book titled SUPERHERO ABC. What's it about? In the words of Rob and Dean* I'm glad you asked. And there's no-one better than Bob himself to explain.


"Silly and zany, and armed with the most unusual skills, these heroes are out to save the world one letter at a time! Bubble-Man blows big bubbles at bullies, and Laughing Lass Laughs at Lawbreakers! Together, these one-of-a-kind defenders represent the ABC's in a way never seen before."

"Each of these larger than life characters jumps off the oversized pages and into young children's hearts. Even as preschoolers, kids are drawn to superheroes and the powers that make them irresistible. Now, SuperHero ABC makes learning the alphabet a snap by combining it with the magical thrill of comic book action. These are no ordinary superheroes, they're people you always wished lived in your neighborhood. From the "Odor Officer" who obviously objects to offensive odors to "Night-Man," 'noises at night never make him nervous' the colorful and kooky characters are the perfect introduction to a child's literacy."

Sounds like Bob is on a winner. Copies of the book can be bought in most good bookstores or ordered via Bob's own web-site, where you can also find activity pages for the rug-rats and a very cool shirt for the big rug-rats. Much like Mark McKenna's Banana Tails, this is a great book for the younguns and it helps educate the little ones along the way.

Now that can't be bad can it? Go and buy it - I don't often give plugs, and remember that, when I do, I'm getting nothing in return. I only plug the things that I believe in.

* Rob Morrison and Dene Hutton. Those guys used to host the brilliant 'Curiosity Show back in the '70s and '80s. Brilliant because they taught the young children of the day how to make rockets out of toilet rollelectrocutelectricute people, how to make explosives out of household products and what chemicals to add to a dead goldfish in order to make it smell like rotten eggs for months. It was a proving ground for many anjuvenilee juvinile delinquent.


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