Ramble On

It's always interesting to know just how much, or how little, you're valued. I walked into management's office last week to tell them my plans of going part time. HR, in the meantime, had sent me an email informing me that they'd be in touch if ever anything came up that'd suit me, but the management of where I am implored me to remain, 5 days a week, for at least another month. I'm hanging about then as we can use the cash. Nice to know I'm wanted. Now I have to juggle my writing with the day job, but as the insomnia appears to have kicked in again that shouldn't be a problem.

Sunday evening saw us watching TV when a promo came on for the news. "Tonight, we enter day five of the trapped miners oredeal." (yep, very apt as the reporting has been an ordeal). The other half looked over and said, "Oh give it up, they're dead already." Unusually for me I replied, "Well you don't know that. They could have survived, after all stranger things have happened." An hour later they're found, alive.

I might buy lotto this week.

Loads of good news, but more on that later. I've some angry Fremantle supporters to deal with.


Geoff said…
Too true the media are becoming an ordeal on this. As much as I hate to say it though, anything that takes footy off the front page namely crows and power is a blessing in SA.

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