Michael Netzer

Busy morning, but I've a lot of writing I want to share.

A pal of mine asked me recently in an email, "What is it about you and Netzer? Why do you like him? He's a nutjob!" Well it's true, Michael is a tad nutty, but then aren't we all? I thought about sitting down and writing a huge response about why Michael Netzer is misunderstood, why he gets a bad rap and why he gets picked on. I felt like writing about the good stuff that Michael has done. How he helps people. How he helped me by designing a cover to my Andru & Esposito book and refused payment. Michaels design helped sell the book to it's new publisher. I could write about how Michael is one of the most honest and pure people out there in an industry that has more than it's fair share of ego and people who'll insist they're great but aren't. I could mention his writing. His art...and that's where I stopped.

You want to know why I like Michael Netzer? He's a pal first and foremost and I'll defend him to the death. I don't always agree with him, he doesn't always agree with me, but we both respect the fact that we're individual and not clones. But why? Have a look.

THAT'S why I like Michael Netzer! I'd sell a lung to own an original of this, if not THE original.


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