Out Of Action

The pain just got too much for me, so it was off to the doctors last night. End result? A week of work (last week of a contract too - that won't go down well) due to stress. Oh joy. Mind you I blame both work, my ex going ballistic and a few other factors, but that's life really.

Now I have to sit here, unable to do a lot. I can't spend the time writing solidly because it starts to hurt after a while, so the reality is I'll be sitting around the place, getting some physio and either reading or watching DVDs a lot. That fills me with nothing but dread. I wanna write, I have a few ideas for articles on the boil, so I'll still be working as hard as I can, only I have to pace myself because I want to be right by Friday. Hopefully I can knock the tennis ball of muscle knots in my shoulder out by then and if I can at least turn my head to the right fully then I'll be good to go.

Stress...bloody waste of time. I'll jot down some more as my arms allow it.


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