Banana Tales!!!

Looking for a good book? Even more importantly - are you looking for a good children's book? Look no further - check out Banana Tales!
Created by the ultra-talented Mark McKenna, Banana Tales is a kids book that'll appeal to all ages. After all how much cooler does it get than a talking monkey who gets into all kinds of trouble? I'll answer that - for a kid it doesn't get any better.

You've got Banana Tale himself, Tic-Tac the Zebra, Rinna the Rhino and EggBoo the Ostrich.

Sporting a cast of many, Banana Tales is a must read book. The art is top notch - as you'd expect from a man who's worked with the best - and the stories are easily accessible. I could see this book getting into primary schools everywhere...

As an added bonus, with every ten books ordered Mark will send you out a signed book with a sketch. I mean, come on!! What more do you need?

You can order the books directly via this link: ORDERS

You can contact Mark and Co directly from this link: CONTACT

There's fun packs avaliable, a variety of books, shirts - you name it, it's probably there.

And nope, Mark isn't paying me a cent for this. If I want a book, and I'll eventually get around to getting one, then I'm gonna be lining up and buying it just like everyone else.


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