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Well I've been a busy little bugger today. In order I've:

Updated the web-site.
Posted a new interview that I did with Tim Sale. It dates from August last year, but hey...
Replied to about a gazillion emails.
Set up a new Yahoo group dedicated to Jim Mooney. Come on in and join up. It's a hoot.
Commissioned a new piece of art for the Jim Mooney book.
Waded through a pile of Legion of Superheroes Indexes to find the Mooney work.
Arranged to send a book out to the States.

All I have to do now is scratch my nuts and the day will be complete. And I've done all of that in the space of two and a half hours, inbetween running back and forth with a nose-bleed that I've had since Friday. I need a good slug of Tequila.

Life is good....


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