My all time favourite childhood pet, although I didn't fully realise it at the time.

Tabatha, funnily enough wasn't named Tabatha because she was a Tabby, we named her after Samantha's daughter in Bewitched. She used to love leaping up onto her hind legs in order to get cheese - of all things. I've never met a cat yet who's been able to do the same. She was a very patient cat, far more patient with four growing lads than you'd ever expect a cat to be.

Eventually she grew old and frail, but carried herself with a regal air. One morning she was gone. We discovered later that time had caught up with her and she found a nice tree to hide under and passed onto where ever cats go when they go - probably to some cat heaven that resembles ancient Egypt.

Now this one ain't a pet, but it's the kind of thing that Tabatha loved to capture and devour. And power to her.

Bloody rat with wings.


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